Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can i sue this company?

My sister is 15 years old. She applied for a job at a burger shop. She filled out an application and they called her in for 2 different interviews. She went to both and she showed them her work permit. They made her fill out some paperwork and they told her that her first day of training would be on the 26 which is today. She bought shoes and missed school to go to work today. When she got there they told her that she was 15 and that it was not possible to work there.

Can i sue this company for making her and my parents to waste time, money and skip school all for nothing?

ThanksCan i sue this company?
File against the manager in small claims court.
They didn't "make" her do anything.Can i sue this company?
Why sue a business just because they are following the law. She must of looked older to them but once they discovered she was only 15...they just could not hire her...they would be breaking the law.

Tell you sister to stop looking for a job until she turns 16.
how would you be the right person to sue? It didn't happen to you at all.

IF your sister chose to sue (with her parents as she is a minor) she would lose.

And what kind of a family allows a 15 year old girl to skip school to work??Can i sue this company?
You can't sue for anything, nothing happened to you, so you don't have standing.
NO! Your sister should have checked with the state laws or company policy BEFORE she applied. Missing school to go to work is the poorest excuse on the planet to miss school. There is no way possible that a burger shop is going to be her future. You, your sister, and your parents need more education than all of you have now.

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