Thursday, February 23, 2012

I beat up 2 guys helping a GIRL?

Thursday 2 days ago me and my best friend where going to a burger shop at 8:23 pm to celebrate for something private :) I'm 18 years old Black night hair , dark blue eyes , white guy , if that helps!! my friend is short yellow hair , brown eyes , white . So i told him 'hey lets go' he said wait i want to get my girlfriend i said ok , 30 minutes passed he arrived with his gf , unfortunately we don't own cars yet . so i'l cut to the event ... we where very close to the shop when we encountered 2 black guys ( NO OFFENSE TO BLACK GUYS I RESPECT EVERYONE ) while we want to pass they started saying : wow look at that ***! look at here ... I stopped from walking , my friend said forget about them i looked at the girl , she was upset and here cheeks where red as hell . So i turned and said hey ! , they turned around and came and one of them said u talking to us hommie , i said APOLOGIZE shouting , my friend came and said : we don't want trouble guys just apologies and let us leave (in a low voice ) , they said ok and turned there back we turned our back and suddenly i saw my friend on the ground and being dragged , i look around and take a strong punch to my nose , i became very mad and raged on the guy , punching him on the vain spot under his ear on the neck which knocked him out , unfortunately my best friend was getting a beating and his girlfriend was being pushed by him at the same time , i ran at him , but the guy countered me and threw me on the floor . i was in big pain but he started attacking his girlfriend (Ps : that guy is really strong the other guy was knocked out easily but this guy is really strong) i reran at him and bashed him on the nose which made him fall while i was going to sit on him to finish him , he re punched me on my nose witch made me almost lose my conscious because i got 2 punches on my nose and u wont believe how much pain it delivers , then he ran pushed my friends girlfriend on floor and ran away while trying to revive his friend . i stayed on the floor till my friend came and helped me up we went to the police and showed them some scars in our body and i showed them my nose and we gave them the specification of the 2 guys . and we left i just have some question to ask !!

Question 1 : did we deserve it

Question 2 : did i do the wrong thing like the police said??

Question 3 : why did the fight start i mean why we just wanted an apology ?

Question 4 : my friends girlfriend never goes out with us at night anymore what should we do to comfort here ?

Question 5 : do i own my friends an apology?

Question 6 : why do i feel sorry for the guy that i knocked out i mean dont he deserve it and im thinking to go to the police to stop what i did should i do it ?

Thank you for listing sorry for taking your time and im 20 years old my best friend is 19 pls no stupid commentsI beat up 2 guys helping a GIRL?
1 : No, any DECENT bloke that has respect for woman and would of wanted to do that and you just had the balls to go up to them.

2. No you didnt do the wrong thing, many people may say you did but stuff them. Some people dont have respect for woman.

3. Maybe the fight started because you shouted that you wanted an apology and i know i might be stereotyping but alot of white "uneducated" and "rough" and black people would be looking for a fight as they have nothing better to do.

4 and 5 : Just say to them that your sorry about what happened and explain you didnt like the way they spoke and should have respect for girls. That should make her feel better.

6. You shouldn't feel sorry for him, scum disrespecting woman. He should learn to take a punch ;)

Mate you did the right thing in my eyes, society is different these days and police take things too lightly. Were not toddlers are we ? "Go and tell a teacher" ? LOL, people are not in the wrong for reacting like this.

PS. Im not racist, Im not a hypocritte.... because.... well ... im only 15 lol.
what does this have to do with martial arts?

you should have never turned your back and just pulled your shank out and start cutting bitches up like roast beefI beat up 2 guys helping a GIRL?
nice fairy tale.
I envy u...I wish i got in2 more fights...I beat up 2 guys helping a GIRL?
Q1: Yes

Q2: Yes

Q3: Because the guy is stronger than you, and you were ignorant enough to talk at him like you said

Q4: Be thankful that she hasn't dumped your friend

Q5: Definitely

Q6: Forget about it; No


1. Improve your grammar

2. Use spell check

3. Get your age straight (18 or 20)

4. Don't fight anybody close to night time
Why the hell do people like you post this in the martial arts section? anyways, yea, you did the right thing, and if I were you, I would've started the fight even before they started hitting you. In the street don't be a goody good and say "apologize" because no one will. Policemen are just doing their job they have to say that, but cuss out a policemen's job when he is off you get what i mean. You should ALWAYS avoid a fight, but in this situation your dignity and honor as well as the girl's honor is being cussed out, so yea, you should stand up.
Yes it was a fight it happens

Yes in order to help someone like you did you have to first ask if the girl wanted help even if they were hitting her you have to ask if she says yes then it ok.

They were looking for a fight

Gave her something to protech herself with and don't get in a fight with someone who can't fight back.

Yes you got him into it

It means you are human if you did not feel sorry then you will be the same as them not caring for others
It was a rude thing for those two to say out loud. However it was a kind of A to B conversation between them, however loud it might have been. The correct thing to do is just walk away, since they were not talking directed at the girl herself or any of you. If they came up and said that directed at her to her then you could ask them to not embarrass and put the girl on the spot. However it was you who put your group in a spot when you confronted those guys.

Due to your actions not only did you get hurt, but also the people that were with you. If anything your friend should have confronted you and asked you to APOLOGIZE.

1. Only you

2. Not wrong thing, but wrong choice of action.

3. You were confronting them, verbally, in a negative way.

4. That I think is more about her, but I would stay away from you too.

5. Definitely

6. You made this situation happen so you should feel guilty. Also to bring this up again, I think you feel a bit smug about being able to knock a person out. Stop it. You were an idot to let it get this far to begin with.
Q 1. No

Q 2. No

Q 3. the fight started when you told them to apologize you should of just left the assholes go jack off :P

Q 4. talk to her about it?

Q 5. hell no you saved them

Q 6. you feel sorry because your probably not the type that gets mad often and probably doesn't knock people out on a regular basis unless your a boxer like me :P
1: No

2: No

3: Because of a little thing called EGO

4: Tell her you're sorry for what happened, if nothing else she'll know she is safe around you

5: Nah you were being protective

6: You shouldn't

Now I got a question for you.

Question 7: How long did it take you to make up your story?

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