Monday, February 20, 2012

I ate a bag of Sunchips and had minor respiration / breathing problems, why?

It was only minor, but noticeable. I did eat the whole bag of French Onion Sunchips, since I hadn't eaten for a couple hours and was in a three hour long class. The whole bag was 3 servings, and the fat content was quite high ~26% I believe for the whole bag. I'm in good shape, I work out twice a week with a 1.5 mile run. I do eat relatively well, I only eat a burger at work (mom-and-pop burger shop) maybe once every two weeks or so, and very little no no fries or fried anything.

The feeling was like when you're sick and you have a phlegmy throat. But it wasn't really in the throat region, it felt deeper than that, which is why I think it had to do with respiratory. It was like a shortness of breath almost. I washed it down with a Vitman Water too. What could cause this? I don't have any food allergies known. I've decided I probably wont eat Sunchips anymore, even though they are healthier than a lot of other snack choices from the vending machine. Thank you very much for your time.I ate a bag of Sunchips and had minor respiration / breathing problems, why?
Allergies manifest themselves in all sorts of ways for different people. What is an allergic reaction will not be for someone else. Allergies also come and go over the course of someone's life. A lot of different variables involved, but just because you didn't test for allergies at one time, doesn't mean you will not have those or other allergies later in life.

A good idea besides consulting your doctor, is making a detailed food diary. Make note of foods you eat, how frequently, what reactions you have, not going to get gross here, but you have to pay attention to things like heart rate, bowel movements, breath, headaches, sleeping patterns. There are lots of ways an allergy could manifest itself. Emotional notations would help to so you can go to your doctor and it would be easier to pinpoint the source.
I am allergic to french onion sunchips too. They are so delicious, but i developed an allergy against them. I don't get the respiration problems, I just break out in crazy hives.

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I ate a bag of Sunchips and had minor respiration / breathing problems, why?
You can contract allergies any time during your life sound like something in the chips caused an allergy
Are you sure it was the chip? have you been under any other stress? possibly anxiety and not the chips or maybe you do have food allergies and you need to see an allergist to have tests done. i would not eat those again and i would possibly watch the vitamin water also,since you really cant be sure what caused it at least until you can get an allergy test. be on the safe side. I was tested for allergies and I am allergic to over 300 things i never knew. i now have to carry an epi pen around with me incase of emergancy. allergic reaction.I ate a bag of Sunchips and had minor respiration / breathing problems, why?
you ate the whole bag!!!!!!
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