Thursday, February 23, 2012

OMFG Why are Guys in general so Insecure about themselves!?

I've noticed with guys not girls I have that problem, its like they're so insecure and lack confidence in themselves that they're always checking out how the other dude is doing to see whether he can do better.

Like this dude in class is unceassingly checking my grades and comparing it with his to make sure he always does better than me. He even ASKS me for my grades like I OWE it to him. Or when I walk into a burger shop, this dude is so insecure he goes around his gf so that his back is bet me and his gf, when I wasn't even talking to his gf or even staring at her, or even checking her out. I never hit on other peoples gfs. Like what the fudge insecure much. Just have faith in your own abilities duh.. Oh and in nightclubs, theres always random jock dudes shoving me around whenever theres a pretty girl, like freaking relax bro, you want to dance with her then dance with her no one is stopping you. Should I just confront them about it?

Also, girls do you have this problem with each other?OMFG Why are Guys in general so Insecure about themselves!?
All I can say is that when I'm insecure, I keep it to myself and whatever I'm jealous about, kills me inside until I get over it.

So when a girl is prettier than me, I'm jealous but I don't do any actions to show it perhaps maybe being more quiet and distant. But when I'm by myself, that's when I start to act how I want about it, I usually take it out on myself.

Many people are insecure, and not all guys show that much aggression. My boyfriend keeps it to himself unless it's something with a guy checking me out, that's when he shows aggression. Just leave it alone, you don't wanna start some sort of fight because these people will retaliate. Be happy you proud of yourself, that's all I can say.OMFG Why are Guys in general so Insecure about themselves!?
Leave it be.

Most of us do have this problem. But it's usually fought with glares, nasty remarks, raised eyebrows, and smirks.
It's Gossip Girls on loop.

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