Monday, February 20, 2012

Would you buy a two hundred dollar hamburger?

One of the oddest bits of excess I've seen recently was a burger shop near wall street that sold 200 dollar burgers. These burgers were apparently not only made of good beef but they (honest injun) had gold flakes in them. They came in at about a half pound. Fries were extra.

Now this was in the months before the market crash, and I'm pretty sure they have removed this item from the menu. But it leads me to wonder. What reason on earth, other than just in-your-face wastefulness would lead someone to buy such a thing? Is there some great distinction in being gullible? Is it to brag that you poop gold?

Someone please enlighten me. Explain this mentality.Would you buy a two hundred dollar hamburger?
Some people don't need to worry about money.

I'm sure there is a lot of interest in the novelty of eating a gold-enriched burger, especially from those wealthy enough to throw their money away on it.

I've seen these burgers on television. I think if you're gonna buy one, you need to wipe afterward with a Benjamin. It's the rule.
Unless it's a magic burger that will relieve your hunger for eternity, which, unbelievably, I doubt, that is insane. Burgers should not be something that is considered fine dining, hence it should not cost like fine dining. The whole concept of a burger was to fill you up fast, and cheaply.

The whole concept of having gold leaf on food to me is overkill. It doesn't taste extraordinary, and it raises the cost of normal foods unnecessarily exponentially.

I can understand a burger made of Kobe beef being expensive, because the beef itself is more tender, tasty, and rare than normal ground beef. The gold makes it outrageous.

The AnomalyWould you buy a two hundred dollar hamburger?
200 dollars on a burger that will come out of my @ss in about 5 hours. i think i'd have to say no thank you.

i think someone who would, is a person who has way too much money on their hands. and simply just don't know what to do with it.
I wouldn't pay for that either, but someone would probably buy one just to filter the gold out and use gold for something else, not eat it.. I agree with you, what a waste of gold and money.. Would you buy a two hundred dollar hamburger?
I can honestly say if I have $200 to blow on a hamburger, I have to much money and need to give some to charity. I have also heard of the $1000 ice cream sundae, also ridiculous!
If I'm going to waste 200 dollars on a food it better comes with a free night stay at a hotel, amusement park , and 24/7 all you can eat buffet.

Not some dang burger.
It makes them look like a big shot to their own eyes. It's kinda like they're saying to themselves, "Hey I buy $200.00 hamburgers, I'm da MAAAAAN".
only if I had billions of dollars to spend on stupidity.
it'd better give me eternal life or maybe just life insurance x]
no, but i'll bet my girlfriend would.

But only if it was marked down from $450.

She will buy anything if its on sale.
hey, as long as your not wasting your money to poop gold flakes then who cares?
I would never buy a two hundred dollar hamburger, even if I were rich... but why should it bother you if someone else does? It's not your money they are spending. Do you have a tv, a cd player, a computer, video game console, video games, cable television, a cell phone? If I don't have some of these things, do I have the right to call you wasteful? If there are homeless people on the streets who have nothing, do they have the right to call you wasteful? Should we go ahead and take away all your luxuries as well, because it is not fair to those who don't have them?

I don't know why anyone would buy a two dollar hamburger. I don't know why people spend their money on art that an infant could have made. I don't know why people are willing to spend their money on movies that express ways in which you can assassinate a president. Regardless though, I like the idea of a free society, and I've no problem with any of it.
Yes a good burger is worth it since it will impress your friends.

It is what is known as 'conspicuous consumption'

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