Monday, February 20, 2012

Is this story good for a good old fashoned reed?

he shot his gun and then took a photo of his family he was hiding in a box from the police and he ate a burger with his family and took them to beach he then climbed onto the helicopter and drove off into the water he found himself in a submarine and he found a chicken bone and took a photo of it and his family where eating burgers in the boat and he saw a man with a gun and he sent his family to go hostage with man he ran away and he said nice day aint it nice day indeed so he walked forward onto the living room and found him self watching tv and then in exploded and he appeard in the deasert and he walked into to a dog and he tripped and ate some sand he walked forward towards the helicopter he was flying in the plane and he para shooted down he was on the hand glide and he was shouting pleasent day indeed he then jumped into the water and he was walking down the grassy slope he tripped up and drowned his family met him at the burger shop for bugers he clibed on to the chair and he flew off into the sunset.Is this story good for a good old fashoned reed?
Hmmm. One giant run on sentence for a story? No.Is this story good for a good old fashoned reed?
Hi there,

Thanks for trolling - unfortunately, the people you're aiming at are not going to understand that the joke is against them :)



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