Monday, February 20, 2012

Has it ever happened to you?

It has often happened to me that the films i like the most i see not because i read about them somewhere or someone recommends me to watch them but it is purely coincidence that i see them. E.g i saw the matrix when i 11, i intended to use my pocket money to buy myself a burger, but as the burger shop was closed, instead of just going back home, i decided to buy myself a CD. I chose a random film to watch. The film i bought was the matrix and i have been a fan of the film ever since. Another film that i like is stand by me (1986). I also came across it through pure chance across the internet. Has such a phenomenon ever happened to you? Have you ever came across your favourite movies by pure chance and not because someone told you to see them or you read about them somewhereHas it ever happened to you?
Yeah 8 Mile it was just randomly on one day where I related to it a bit and I love it
yes last year I was going christmas shopping the major shopping centre had no car parks left so I parked In this spot across the street with a row of shops I got out of the car and saw they had an anime shop I was so excited :DHas it ever happened to you?
no not really often, but i has happened.

i wanted a computer and i got one. but i guess its life dat surprises us w. things we want wen we least expect it.

I happened to buy:

Wild child;

The Hangover;

What Happened in Vegas.

I liked all of them.Has it ever happened to you?
No hasnt happend to me but i wish it would
no. this has never happened with me.
mmmm i want a burger

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