Sunday, February 26, 2012

How did these idiots get jobs as managers?

In a local department store (I would name it but they'd come round and sue me) there are, to my knowledge, a teacher, a physics graduate, a zoology graduate and a social science graduate working as sales assistants on the minimum wage because they can't get any better job.

It is very hard here (Scotland) to get any job, even cleaning or working on a check-out or burger flipping or any other rubbish, work-all-hours, minimum wage job.

This department store just engaged two new managers who between them in their first week of work have, among other buffooneries, taken the chairs away from two perfectly competent and hard working staff, ordering them to stand all day.

If there is any justice, this will trigger a walk-out and maybe a strike. (I don't work there, I have no interest in this except that of a disinterested observer.) So how do idiots like that get to be managers, when people with university degrees have to spend months searching for crappy jobs on the shop floor?How did these idiots get jobs as managers?
WOW....quite sad. I don't think there will be least not the how you describe it. I am sure if the people could afford to walk out....they would have already done so.

Here in America we have a saying.........I'm sure you will gets it's meaning and this is why I think idiots have these goes the saying..."it's not who you KNOW. It's who you BLOW"

Best wishes to those who you observe with disinterest.How did these idiots get jobs as managers?
They invested in knee pads. Just kidding.

;OPHow did these idiots get jobs as managers?
the power and the favours work at times rather most of the time...
it sounds pretty crumby, but i don't know of any customer service jobs here in the US that don't involve extended periods of standing. the only time you do get to sit is when you're on your break or lunch. you have a good 8 hour shift just like everybody else in america, but does a regular shift usually involve longer hours? i don't know I've never been outside of the US.

while i do agree a person with exstensive education in physics or zoology dont belong in a department store, if they hated it so much, why dont they move out of country?

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