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Are hamburgers really bad for you?

not like a mcdonalds burger, just a burger from a burger shop. i had one with meat, cheese, egg amd bacon. i had it for dinner last night and i was wondering if it was really bad for you?Are hamburgers really bad for you?
They are full of saturated fats and hormones that are pumped into the animals, this causes heart disease, some cancers, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the possibility of weight problems and obesity.
Hamburger is made from mince which vary in quality, some may contain preservatives and others will just be fresh meat made by a butcher. But the epidemiological evidence indicates that people who consume red meats are significantly increasing their risk of digestive cancers. The American Institute for Cancer Research spent about 5 years reviewing all the science relating to diet and cancer and they recommend eating as much as 500g per week is enough to increase your risk of bowel cancer. BUT bacon is processed meat and they recommend you NEVER eat processed meats as the salts and preservatives used in curing them create additional carcinogens.

SO if you are going to eat hamburgers, make it one per week, skip the bacon, and make sure you eat no more than one or two other red meat meals for the week. Better yet go vegetarian for the rest of the week and that may offset any damage you are doing by eating meat.Are hamburgers really bad for you?
Eaten sparingly, hamburgers are not unhealthy. A good hamburger has protein, carbs, and a decent amount of vegetables in one neat package. Four ounces of grilled lean beef on a whole wheat bun with a couple of lettuce leaves, tomatoes and maybe onions and/or cheese is a good enough meal for a quick lunch with or without the "fries". Especially if you avoid the soda and just get water or a low-fat milkshake with it. However, since the fast food places offer convenience above all else, many people tend to eat the stuff more often than they should.

There is also the fact that eating such a thing once in a while satisfies the "emotional" health which is just as important as nutritional health. Every now and then all of us need those "feel good" foods whether vegetarian or not. From what I see, vegetarians like any other indulge in unhealthy, though vegetarian, foods from time to time too.
One burger doesn't contain just one cow. It contains hundreds, and in some cases, thousands. Anyways, here are a few links that might be able to help you.

Beef -



Pork -



Dairy -

http://www.altmd.com/Specialists/Spring-鈥?/a>Are hamburgers really bad for you?
''Homemade'' burgers? lol.

Don't eat meat that comes from factory farming industry. The animals are corn-fed. Pick only grass-fed meats. If these industry profit margins fall drastically from consumers not wanting it, maybe they'll get the picture.

Diet And Disease In Cattle: High-Grain Feed May Promote Illness And Harmful Bacteria

Ground beef really isn't that good of a meat. It's made up of several cows. A lean cut of steak, or fish or chicken would be healthier. But making it at home and trying to drain all the fat is much better then fast food. However, a burger isn't going to kill or even hurt you if eaten in moderation :)

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