Friday, February 10, 2012

Catchy name for kebab shop?

this shop will sell, kebab,fried chicken, pizza and burger, i need a catchy name, any ideas?Catchy name for kebab shop?
Key Bob's.
Kickin' Kebabs

Kebab Korner

Krazy Kebabs

Kebab King

KebaberationCatchy name for kebab shop?
The Grill and Chill or The Backyard BBQ or The Sizzler or The Lunch Box or Savory's, (not sure if these exists or not) if all else fails go with your name or your street location.
Your favorite KEBAB or Senior KebabCatchy name for kebab shop?
i like sticks or kebables. the word kebob itself is unusual and unique so i think using the word somehow will be good,
Kebblabbler's grill

(Like Blabbering[Talking too much])
how about babek....heehe, kebab backward
You said it already: Catch a Kebab.
spongebob wohoo
How bout "Im soon gonna go bankrupt cause there are so many of these places"
Welcome to "it'll make a turd" will this be for here, or to go?
Kebabs for the Mobs.
Heaven on a Stick
is your name Bob by any chance? ... then use KeBob or KeBob's xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
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