Friday, February 10, 2012

Do you shop or avoid at all costs?

Do you shop at or avoid at all costs because they are evil, Yes or No

-Wal Mart


-Home Depot


-Burger King


-K Mart


Do you consider yourself Conservative, Liberal Socialist, or (fill in the blank)Do you shop or avoid at all costs?
i dont have NONE of those stores where i live.. =/
wal mart? yes

mcdonalds? sometimes

home depot? no we have a lowe's here not home depot

walgreens? i have before but not recently

burger king? have before but not recently

don't have a starbucks here

k mart? yes

costco? don't have one hereDo you shop or avoid at all costs?

I love to shop. McDonalds only had a bad reputation because of all the fatties that have NO self control and then look for someone else to blame, if it makes you fat and you don't like it then don't bloody eat there GOD :D
i dont go to costco or starbucks i hate mcdonalds and walmart is the shizzles i have to go to home dept at least 4 nights of the week no i dont work there!Do you shop or avoid at all costs?
-Wal Mart - No

-McDonalds -No

-Home Depot - Yes

-Walgreens - Yes

-Burger King - No

-Starbucks - No

-K Mart - Yes

-Costco - Yes

Conservative shopper ?
shop, unwillingly though








I'm a liberal.
I love Wal-mart its so much fun in there, and Starbucks, and Walgreens, and McDonalds

And I hate HOME DEPOT so boring there. And Costco is so awesome its like HUGE and endless.
Usually places like McDonalds because they are always busy as hell
I go to Starbucks a lot.

I consider myself moderate
I shop at everything but K Mart, Walgreens and Burger King. :)

I have no idea what that means.
Yes to:


Home Depot

No to all the others
ues 2 all xcept costco starbuck home depot
I know right?
No. I honestly don't care although I hate Mickey D's and Starbucks.

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