Monday, February 20, 2012

Do you think that Dairy Queen will turn into a restaurant someday?

It seems like they went from serving ice cream to serving burgers and fries. So do you think that they'll turn this ice cream shop to a restaurant? Remember, Friendly's was once an ice cream shop and now it's a restaurant.Do you think that Dairy Queen will turn into a restaurant someday?
DQ is a restaurant, they serve meals, that makes them a restaurant
I hope so, we don't have them here anymore, in San Jose, Ca. I liked Dairy Queen, good service and ice cream.Do you think that Dairy Queen will turn into a restaurant someday?
Yes Definitly
No, I doubt that. They have a special "niche" in the food market and will probably maintain that presence.Do you think that Dairy Queen will turn into a restaurant someday?
they are a restautant, fast food restaurant, dine-in and all - atleast in most of the western states
its a "fast food" resturant
I really miss Dairy Queen. The reason I consider it to be a restaurant is that your food is made to order. It's possible, but I don't think I've ever seen one without tables and chairs.
Might be merged with another restaurant. The cost of doing business.
They are a fast food restaurant.
I live in Illinois and the DQ by my house is considered a restaurant because they serve meals.
Where I live, the DQ's all have seating now and they all serve burgers, chicken, salads, hot dogs and ice cream. So I guess they have turned themselves into a real restaurant.
I thought it was. 0_0
ours is a restaurant in florida you can go in and sit down they dont come to your table and wait on you...

but its not drive up and stand thing.

Baby loves to go there shes 4 and takes a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate...1.26 if you are at the mall one its 176 why no idea?LOl we dont have a friendlys i miss the old soda shop days when drug stores had ice cream shops in them!!!how cool...
It is basically a fast food restaurant. I see it as a sonic.
Actually, maybe so. It would be weird though I have to say if they did that.
i would consider it as a restaurant.

they serve meals that are half decent.

i love dairy queen.
It is a restaurant. Maybe kind of a small one but they do serve food too. Like a tiny little mini-Steak %26amp; Shake.

I love those DQ milkshakes though. (yum yum!)

I tried them all and haven't ever had a bad flavor.
Ok.............wanna pass the bong this way?
They certainly seem to be making moves in that direction. Lately I've been seeing "DQ Chill and Grills" cropping up, these have more of a focus on hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and hot dogs. The ice cream was presented as secondary to the hot food.
Dairy Queen is a restaurant. What is your definition of the word? You can sit down inside, or get your food to go through the drive through window. They serve sandwiches, burgers, fries, chicken strips, and desserts. Why wouldn't they be considered a resaurant?
Dairy queen has served food for as long as i can remember. it is known for serving ice cream though, so i don't think that will ever change.
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