Monday, February 13, 2012

Everywhere I apply online i never hear back from them why?

I applied at McDonald`s Burger King Shaw's Stop and Shop Walmart And several others I never hear back from them this would be my first job also i have no other experience except with computers i can build them and also solve alto of computer problems and i worked at a Chinese restaurant and got paid under the table as a bus boy . Has Anyone else had this problem with not hearing back after and online application or is it just me?Everywhere I apply online i never hear back from them why?
Applying online is a waste of time.

You are competing against people that actually show up to the establishment.

They get to show they can fill out an application on their own.

Show they can write neatly.

Show that they can dress and look nice - no tatoos.

And show they have transportation to the location - very important.

You'd be surprised how many people apply that have no way to get to the job.

Go in person in off hours - not during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Don't go after dinner - the managers are usually not there.

Fill out your application - dress your best.

When done, ask if you can turn it in to the manager.

Shake his or her hand. Compliment the store, and tell them that everyone seems friendly and you would like to work there.

Sell yourself - this is your 3 minutes to get the job.

Look in the local classified ads under employment for job openings.

When you apply for work online you are not alone. There may be at least 100 other people doing the same thing. Unfortunately employers don't have enough time to interview every single person that applies for the job so they choose the ones they believe are the best out of the 100+ people. Again they will have no time to contact the 90+ they didnt like so you are left to wonder what is happening.

I suggest calling them a week or so after you have applied and ask them how your application is going? this may get you ahead of the pack and into an interview.Everywhere I apply online i never hear back from them why?
Online applications are the least likely to get you jobs. I've never had a response from online job applications. The only way I've ever found jobs is by typing up a CV and handing it in at my nearest stores.

When you email applications it goes to the head office, whereas going in means you get to hand your info straight to your potential new boss.

Good luck.
Because you an about 10,000 people are going for the same position.. I am an HR specialist and I get 3,000 resume's a day for 1 position, so what the odds of me getting thru the first 100?? for 1 position? less bad as it sounds I take the best of the first 10 resumes I receive! so that mean 2,990 resumes get deleted! Does that answer your question??Everywhere I apply online i never hear back from them why?
You should really be the one calling them back to check up on your application. Ask to speak to the manager or the human resources manager and ask about the application you submitted. Also they need to be hiring for you to get a job there. Good luck!

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