Friday, February 10, 2012

How does McDonalds make their iced coffee?

Does it come premade in a large vat o d they brew it imn shop? How about the BK Mocha Joe? Whats in that at Burger King? Is there coffee in it.How does McDonalds make their iced coffee?
I am not sure, but it does seem to take them a little longer to make it, so don't think it is all pre-made. I ordered one from a young girl in training. She kept apologizing for being slow and I told her not to worry about it. Then someone asked her if she knew how to do the iced coffee and she said no, so someone came and helped her. I didn't really watch, but I am sure she didn't just get it out of a vat pre-made or she would not have needed help.

I am getting addicted to their iced coffee but it sure doesn't have much coffee taste in it. However I had it last Sunday morning and get real shaky like I do with too much caffeine on an empty stomach so i am assuming it is high octane.
BK takes a pitcher, fills it up with shake mix, and adds 12 (TWELVE!!!) pumps of chocolate to it!!! It's delicious, but I think it has 380-400 calories per cup!!

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How does McDonalds make their iced coffee?
I know it has to sit for a period of time as my local store runs out ALOT and when asked was told per policy it has to be chilled overnight.

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I don't know how McD;s and BK makes it, but you can make your own easily if you'd like. I have a superb recipe for iced coffee. The best way to make iced coffee is by cold brewing. Use of heat brings out the bitterness.

Here's how I make it. Take a ten cup coffee caraffe and fill it with 10 Tbsp of ground coffee. Fill the caraffe halfway with ice and then add water until you have 10 cups. Let the pot sit on the counter until the ice has completely melted.

Strain the coffee to get the grounds out and then serve and refridgerate leftovers immediately.

If you use the cold brew method, you will find that you probably won't even need sugar, but you can add milk if you'd like, and of course if you like it real sweet you can add sugar.How does McDonalds make their iced coffee?
out of trans fat.... like everything else on the menu
don't know but i have to try it.. i like ice coffee.. i make it for my self at home cost less and don't have to get in line to get it.. i have a bullet it mixes thing up real good i use it to get it real cold
i dont want to know
They mix ice and coffee!! DUHDUH!!!
We actually don't have any iced coffee, but we do have iced mocha and lattes. We take a cup, fill it with ice, and make it the same way we make other mochas and lattes, using a machine called Cafina.
I'm pretty sure all of McDonald's food comes premade.
I think they just have a machine that spits it out, really. because they have different flavors and i doubt that they're gonna spend time adding special creams to it and mixing it up. You never see one of those that they didn't mix up very thoroughly and you have to mix it up a bit. So i think they just get a some ice and then go to the machine.

But actual coffee, i think they mix it how you like it.

I dunno about the BK mocha joe.
Coffee needs to be hot. I like the fish fillets, though.
i don`t know?

xDD i know its good thou` :D:D:D

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