Monday, February 13, 2012

How does one post a question or answer?

Not only selectiong crdit over debit makes more sense for security, it saves a lt of money for gas, fast foo rstaurants, general stores ex: at most fastfood ie: McDonalds, Burger Kng, KFC, Taco Bell, they charge up to $3 for every debit charge and they don't allow credit charges, so you end up paying $5 for a 2 dollar sandwich. Also a $6 dollar burger turns out to be an $18 dollar burger a couple days later on line,so definately check your on line charges, that one took a couple weeks to get back into my account. And a general local store I shop at lot and I noticed I was charged almost 3.00 extra one time a new clerk put me on debit instead of credit. Grocery store lines and crowding around one and staring at what cards are being used. These items atough fairly small sounds like a hefty savings account after a while. Debit s so bad , why ever use it on line,or any were else for that mater, why would you pay for your own money!? Plus te bnk charges as well. Check ID written.How does one post a question or answer?
i dunno.

i always carry and spend cash-its easier to budget my money that way.

just hit the atm on saturday or sunday and get what i need for the week and avoid taking more cash out unless i have an emergency.

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