Thursday, February 16, 2012

How important is it to eat healthy in pregnancy will somthing bad happen to the baby?

all i like to eat are cheeseburgers i snack on fruit and stuff and have other stuff for dinner but if we go out to eat or are out shopping i am always getting burgers/ fries. i am 23.5 weeks and have only gained 6-7 pounds so it is not affecting my weight at all i don't really have a big appetite . i would say i eat burgers about 3-4 times a weekHow important is it to eat healthy in pregnancy will somthing bad happen to the baby?
It's not perfect for you, but you will be ok.

I ate junk food when I was pregnant with my son, I didn't want anything else.

Now I am pregnant again, All i want is water, veggies, soups, etc... So I MUST be having a girl haha!

Good luck and congratulations :) Don't worry so much your baby should be fine, just add what ever healthy foods you can to your diet! xx
Ever since I got pregnant, I've turned into a very picky eater bc all of a sudden alot of food that I normally eat now turns me off now. So oneof the few things that I can eat is burgers too. I say at least I'm trying to eat something and supplement with some fruits, veggie, juice, vitamin, etc. I should be good and people say during the pregnancy our taste can change so maybe later you can eat other stuff.

Also if you feel you are not eating too healthy then just exercise or make a concious effort to be more active. How important is it to eat healthy in pregnancy will somthing bad happen to the baby?
Plenty of babies are born w/out the mother taking vitamins or eating some doctor-prescribed diet. BUT, the studies show that a mother should follow such recommendations, for the benefit of the baby. A lot of humans exist without the help of vitamin/nutrition guidelines. It is not that "something bad will happen", but that the child will be aided by a proper diet.
Well I'm sure you know that it is BETTER for the baby if you eat well. Everyone's body works more efficiently when you eat well, including a fetus'. But if you have poor nutrition habits now, you'll probably pass them on to your child anyway when he/she is older, so unless you'd like to change your lifestyle for good, its probably not going to matter now. How important is it to eat healthy in pregnancy will somthing bad happen to the baby?
oh come on! use alittle bit of sense,of course its important to eat healthy stuff when your pregnant,you are the life source to your baby..........whats your baby getting from burgers...........i love junk food but when im pregnant i make a big efford to make sure im getting enough calcium,iorn etc.............%26amp; in that one burger you eat im sure you would be able to have instead a little salad %26amp; fish or something.................its a human being inside you, a tiny little baby
Add lettuce and tomato and whatever else you can to your food. Make it healthier.

I think you are doing fine....but more fruits and veggies would be nice. Try cutting potatoes yourself and cooking them as your fries. (In the oven.)

Are you taking your vitamins?
you'll be fine I had cravings for KFC and chicken selects from McDonalds followed by cream chocolate eclairs for most of my pregnancy and had a healthy baby boy!
well they say any person eating that many hamburgers and fries a week is unhealthy so i can only imagine its more unhealthy being pregnant
your pregnant eat what you would like, pickles ice cream cheeseburgers fries etc...

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