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I want to open a small restaurant in a food court of a shopping center any ideas except burgers,pizza,etc?

As already mentioned, you first concern isn't "what you want to open", it's "what does the market want that it doesn't have"?

There are several traditional restaurant concepts that do well in most any market, sub shops, BBQ, pizza, chinese and burgers. These do well because there is a very large market for them, plain and simple. If one of these types of food concepts is missing in any particular market with a high rate of traffic, there will be a larger demand for it than most any other type of restaurant you could open because the market already exists. Having a product that there is a demand for will take you a long ways in any business.

I have several quick service restaurant concepts available for licensing (much cheaper than franchising). All are designed to fit in very small locations, such as food courts. See them at鈥?/a> If you would like to have a concept designed specifically for you, in a format with management systems that will help ensure your success, contact me through my website.

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Free initial consultationsI want to open a small restaurant in a food court of a shopping center any ideas except burgers,pizza,etc?
afrodisiac , erotic food and some belly dancers , nice warm enviroment well decorated, oriental style that will be a real success i wish i could have the money to do it, good luck my friend!!!

(afrodisiac food, is mariscos, lobster etc, spicy food, thai food, etc etc)
A Turkish Donner Kebab, mmm mmmmmI want to open a small restaurant in a food court of a shopping center any ideas except burgers,pizza,etc?
i dont know what country your in but over here in australia corn on a cob put on a stick with butter and salt goes good
A surf %26amp; turf sounds good to meI want to open a small restaurant in a food court of a shopping center any ideas except burgers,pizza,etc?
yeah, how bout ice cream
Well the 21st century is a health and shape obsessing world. I would go for a cafe or sandwhich shop that offers sandwhiches and panini's and things of that sort. Plus people are just drawn to trendy little cafe type restaraunts as a place to relax. Good luck! :)
a place like starbucks cafe..
What about a mexican restaurant?you know,takos, tortillas,spanish omelletes,chilli con carne,etc.i think it is good.Mexican food is always in ''fashion''.you could also try some of the most afrodisiac recipes that spanish and mexican kitchen have
a typical english resturaunt would be good no where sells home made apple pie or cottage pie they all seem to be fast food bars or greasy cafes i think good home made food would make a nice change from all this junk food
i dont wich place you are in but if you can try food like meat and pap or chikecn and rice
Fresh salads, wrap sandwiches, fresh juice from a juicer - offer multiple already established combos AND like a chain here in London; have baggies of veggies and fruits already peeled and priced with pre-made wraps and salads; when a person brings a bag up to the register it's taken to the juicer, processed straight-away and given back to them as a take-away drink to go with their other purchases.

in France they sell crepes ( very thin pancakes unsweetened ) and they fill them with all kids of things, hot ones with ham and cheese,or sweet ones with chocolate sauce and banana....the list is only limited by your imagination.
I don't know where you are from and from what point to answer this but the best solution is take a little while to survey your location.

Ask yourself questions like:

Who usually goes to the shopping center? Teens, adults, young professionals, families?

(from this question you can decide what kind of people you want to target as people who will OFTEN or ALWAYS go to your restaurant; with this you can also decide what kind of restaurant you want to open up; different targets like different foods)

Which times of the day is the food court usually full or bustling with people?

(this question can determine what kind of food you want serve meals? snacks? maybe both? more on refreshments perhaps?)

What is trendy or "in" around the shopping center?

(this can separate you from the rest; restaurants might already be selling a type of food you want to put up and if they are you can actually modify your food to be better you can also avoid having competition from other restaurants)

there are a lot of questions but this is a few...

but I do agree with the other answers, people now-a-days are health conscious and watches what they eat, they also like little caf茅s where they can relax or just pass the time so if you only have a little time and don't have enough to go around and observe for a few days or weeks I suggest you go with a small cafe` where the specialty is sandwiches and light dishes as well as fruit juices as refreshments, target the young professionals and the teens. You don't have to pick a certain theme (like Mexican or Chinese or Italian dishes) you can do an eclectic type of place, a mixture of everything. ^_^

I hope this helps. ^_^
I would go with a cafe that serves light sandwiches and coffee,espresso,etc...and has Internet access for your customers

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