Friday, February 10, 2012

Is selling mircowave burgers wrong for my fastfood shop?

Hello, I have recently took over a Kebab and chip shop. I have a late night deal I am currently running that for the hours between 12am- 2am on Friday and Saturday nights I am selling cheese and chicken burgers for only 拢1. However the burgers I am using are Rustlers quarter pounder topped off with my own range of sauces and my own cheese.

The Rustlers Quarter Pounder uses only the finest quality beef which is sourced exclusively from British or Irish farms. All our beef is traceable back to the farm of origin. So am I right in thinking no law has been broke by not claiming that they are rustlers?Is selling mircowave burgers wrong for my fastfood shop?
as long as I don't see how you warm it up, you could heat it up between your butt cheeks for all i care
You must make Rustlers aware you are selling of there goods, as your own.

False advertising! - by not telling your customers, they are a leading brand, and you are selling them of as your own.

I would worry. Change it to 'A succulent rustlers burger, topped of with home made sauce and matured cheese, you got to admit, it sounds nicer then, a micro burger ;)

This way, you customers will know they are rustlers, so they are better then the cheapy ones you can pick up, they now its not some cheap sauce from a bottle, and they know the cheese isn't plastic! :)

Now I want a burger, thanks :( lolIs selling mircowave burgers wrong for my fastfood shop?
Wouldnt it be cheaper to make ur own burgers? And no, you can sell what you want.

EDIT; ahh well, since you are working for them, and selling them on , then there may be some conflict of interest. I would imagine if they found out that they would either sack you or expect that you use there name/brand. However, from a customer point if view, i wouldnt want to eat a rustlers burger, no offence, just dont think they are quality burgers. Then again, you selling to drunks from the nightclubs so who cares?
Did anyone notice the times the shops open?? at 12am-2am you could be serving anything and it would be eaten! sounds like your burgers are better than most dreadful burgers sold at this time of the morning and if you're supporting British farmers AND making a profit for yourself goodluck to you!!Is selling mircowave burgers wrong for my fastfood shop?
I don't think you will break any laws if you advertise that they are Rustlers Burgers. Have you informed Rustler's or asked permission from them to sell their burgers in this way? You may need to do that,
i cant see how thats breaking the law, no independent fast food places actually where they source their burgers from or what brand they are.
Sorry but I would rather have a freshly cooked burger. But hey your in business and if they taste OK then why not, good luck
They sound terrible.
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