Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is this a good bussiness idea?

I don't know if this could work in some way, But I have an idea about a delivery service for companies who do not deliver. Say theres a Burger shop that sounds good. They dont deliver, but my business could. There something you need from the store but they cant get it to you. Is there any way that could work?Is this a good bussiness idea?
In my town (Austin, TX), there's a business called "Dine on Demand" that I use every now and again - they deliver all sorts of great stuff from different restaurants. However, you have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Too expensive, in my opinion. If you could somehow do the same thing for less money, you might be onto something. I don't like to spend money unnecessarily, but if I'm feeling especially lazy, I will take advantage of it on occasion. Link to the site below.. they may or may not have something similar in your town. Depends on where you live. If they do, check out your competition, and do it better than they do. :) And don't forget to advertise!! Very important for getting customers.

We also have other companies in Austin that will deliver groceries - they actually go to the grocery store for you and bring it to your door, but only on certain days. You can even tell tham what brands you like, whether your fruits %26amp; veggies should be organic or not, etc.. It's VERY expensive, and since I live very close to the grocery store, I've never used it.Is this a good bussiness idea?
Sure could...Jay Levinson has this idea in one of his books..."Earning Money Without A Job" or "555 Ways to Earn Extra Money"

You would definitely have to set your prices high enough to make it worth your shilw...probably a percentage of the sale plus a delivery charge, gas is high y'know...

Perhaps if there were certain businesses that you kept going to over and over and over again, you could work out some kind of deal with them...maybe 10 or 20 percent off...in this business it seems like every thing you could get under cost would matter.

Maybe couple this with an errand service as well...maybe pick up dry cleaning or shop for groceries...could be big depending on where you live and the demand.

I would think about record keeping and keeping separate orders ummm...separate...could get confusing without a good system, but these are things that are usually worked out on the fly.

Good luck with your business.

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