Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What are good business ideas?

I need to find good business ideas to start my own business, not for real just a project. The idea can't be those burger shops, shoe stores, and so on. Has to be a good idea in which people will buy a product or use a service. I can't really think of anything because I always find negative advantages of that idea.

Please help! And no internet businesses unless it is clever and worth doing.What are good business ideas?
It is simple

write down a list of

- what you are good at

- what you care about

Eg, surfers start a clothing line of surf clothes (and make a lot of money) or a garderner starts a garden shop. Ummm....if you really care about burgers and can justify it, then why not start a burger shop (eg, suppose you know a place where lots of young people like to go on weekends, but there is no where to get a burger or a shake, then it would be a perfect idea)What are good business ideas?
If it is not real, I think there is no limitation on non-real money and loans. Maybe manufacturing a car that people in the third world could actually afford and be able to build it in order to fill the demand (Tata did the first part, the second is a little bit more challenging). I am sorry, but my ideas for business that are economically easy to start are not for free, nor for sale.What are good business ideas?
What is your passion?, try to find biz opportunities in something you like to do in free your time. This will keep you motivated.
The best answer I have ever heard for this question was. What are you good at? What are you better then anyone else at doing? That is what you should do.

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