Friday, February 10, 2012

What`s your burger preference?

A,,Posh burgers from a restaurant

B,,McDs of Burgerking

C,,Burger van burgers like at markets and boot fairs

D,,Frozen shop bought ones

E,,Home made onesWhat`s your burger preference?
I take my son to a new place in town called Boogaloo, homemade gourmet burgers better than McDonalds %26amp; is really good value as they get drink %26amp; dessert, chips etc for 7 euro...I usually get a veggie or chicken one is delicious is around 12 euro but worth it, chargrilled %26amp; can get lots of different toppings, so A or E...but is a relaxed funky new place not posh....%26amp; the chips are big chunky homemade ones also, if in town take my son there for a treat, been a while now
E: My home mades are vastly superior; they humble Kings and Queens, they are celebrated by one and all as the ultimate expression of bread, mustard and probably beef...What`s your burger preference?
A. If not, C or E.

The Monster Burger from this place
Veggie burger at McDonalds!What`s your burger preference?
Burgers from a resteraunt, so long as they are vegie burgers.
restaurant burger
B. Burgerking! Chicken Royales and Whoppers with fries and Coke
Maccas. nomnomnom
E. homemade,on a charcoal grill

B or E depending on my mood
I prefer the "Double Cheese Burger" at "Dave and Busters". I don't eat at McD's or those other places.
E My home made ones accompanied by a very mild curry sauce and rice.
burger king
E for me
Nothing like a homemade burger. Haven't had one of those kind in years.
Home made, grilled outside :-)
F. Fur
Burger King or Home made, has to be
flame grilled in your own backyard
E home made ones.....nothing beats that.
i'm not picky i like them all.

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