Monday, February 13, 2012

Where do burger vans get their burgers from???????????

U no the burgers that you get from the guys in the vans. I got one the other day and just wondered where do they get their freakin burgers, u c them everywher but u never can get them in the shops anyway i was wondering if u guys had any ideas or is there some big burger conspiracy going on?

u no the big thin ones that are the size of the buns . mmmm burgersWhere do burger vans get their burgers from???????????
They buy them from a cash and carry along with sauces buns and all their other bits and bats.The burgers are very often ridiculously cheap but they taste Ok.
cash and carryWhere do burger vans get their burgers from???????????
They get them from catering wholesalers, warehouse type companies that only sell to businesses.
Try this recipe. You will need 1lb. (450 g.) mince. 1 onion peeled and quartered, plus burger buns. Put the onion in a food processor and whizz for 3 or 4 seconds. Add the meat and whizz till blended. For the authentic burger van taste, you should probably add breadcrumbs, sawdust, mechanically recovered meat (ask for a guarantee that it is free of prions and give the seller a good laugh) and any other rubbish that comes to hand. Shape into burgers to taste, grill on both sides and serve. Incidentally, if you leave out from "For the authentic burger van taste...." to "...rubbish that comes to hand." oh, and during the processing season to taste, you'll get a burger to die for!Where do burger vans get their burgers from???????????
cash n carry is where most of them go its cheap to get n u make a fortune sellin lots of them
They have wholesalers,cash and carry not open to the general public
Try a butcher, if not they can make them for you.

However, they wont taste anything like the ones your used to as butchers will use REAL meat!!!!!
they buy the cheap bread and same as the burger, bang it together all over place but it end up tasty ,,,,.
Obviously if you are buying food from a burger van you don't care where it comes from. You'd be better off licking the road.
They are made at the van owners home from the roadkill you see on the side of the road.
i think the size of the burger is relative to the cat or dog they are made from
It is probably best you do not know where they get them. Just enjoy.
Could be human meat from some wise guy that got wacked...or maybe it's roadkill...who knows!
It comes in a long catering tin and they slice em into burgers. Bit like giant dog meat.
ha ha the shops probably arent allowed to sell them as theres probably about 2% beef in them
From the "Burger Fairy", of course!
they get them from wholesaler's.

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