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Which one is more embarrassing, shopping at Wal-mart or taking your kids to eat a burger joint?

Shoppin at walmart!!

www.wakeupwalmart.comWhich one is more embarrassing, shopping at Wal-mart or taking your kids to eat a burger joint?
I am not sure what you have against Wal-mart, but i love Wal-mart if you don't make a big deal about going there your kids won't. what you model that is the kind of behavior they will repeat. As for Burger joints it up to you tons of people go everyday, so it's not embarrassing if your hungry and you don't have time to cook or just want to have fun with the kids at an inexpensive outing burger joints are the place. they have food and playgrounds....
Why would you be embarrassed to shop at Wal-mart, and why would you be embarrassed to take your kids to eat at a burger joint?

I feel sorry for your kids! I would feel sorry for you, but it is probably too late. You are the guy who will pass up a G.E. can opener at Wal-Mart for $8.00, and go to the big department store and pay $23.00 for the same can opener! Well, stroke my ego and call me dumb! Go ahead now and give me best answer...Which one is more embarrassing, shopping at Wal-mart or taking your kids to eat a burger joint?
People eat and shop where they can afford.
Buying your kid a crappy burger at Wal-Mart!Which one is more embarrassing, shopping at Wal-mart or taking your kids to eat a burger joint?
Why would you be embarrassed by either. You should be embarressed that you think your too good for those activities.
neither, why be? Saving money (you really do) is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Guess those that spend hard earned money for fancy food %26amp; designer clothes enjoy life now, while the rest of us relax on some exotic beach because we saved %26amp; spent wisely, while they didn't want to be "seen" in the "Wally World" type atmosphere.

What a shame!
Neither. If you're sure of yourself and not worried about impressing anyone by shopping at only the most prestigious stores and eating at only the finest places, there's nothing embarrassing about either place. (I have friends who are more than comfortable financially but who prefer not to pay more for some basic items just to impress others, and who like the occasional trip for a fast-food sandwich.)

A person may be shopping in WalMart to pick up a new broom, office supplies, personal products, a new brand-name coffee maker, etc. In other words, buying stuff that is the same everywhere you go except for price.

A person can take children to a burger joint and get them water, milk or juice with a basic little burger, veggie burger or chicken chunks - and its not such a horrible meal if its only occasionally.

Some kids may even eat a small salad or pieces of veggies from it as well.

In other words, if you're embarrassed by these places you should get over that. If you look down at others who frequent these places you should get over that too. It doesn't mean that's the only place they shop or eat. It doesn't necessarily mean they don't have good taste or eat burgers every night of the week.

Lighten up. Everybody needs a little tacky experience in their life once in a while. If its "cool" that you're worried about it may actually be more "cool" to just not worry about what others think and just go where you get the best prices or where your kid likes to go once in a while.
Let's see - saving money or contributing to your kids' future heart disease and obesity - I vote for the burger joint.
I like Wal-Mart...especially because i'm a college student that can't really work that much and spends most of my time studying.....Sorry that I can't be more like you and not eat at Burger Joints and shop at stores other than wal-mart..
shopping at walmart, duh!
Why do either one of these have to be embarassing? Wal-Mart is patronized by millions and millions of people every day. I can't think of a person I know that has never been to Wal-Mart. My family shops there because of the prices. I know that Wal-Mart is killing small businesses, but I have to be aware of my situation and I can't afford to pay the higher prices all the time at the Mom %26amp; Pop shops. Also, the burger joint isn't an embarassment either. Are you telling me that you've never been to McDonald's? So, every once in a while, my kids enjoy a Happy Meal. As long as they aren't eating it every day, it is not that big of a deal. If we go there, I get a salad or a grilled chicken sandwich. Neither of those are horrible for me. I don't understand why everybody has to try and make themselves feel better about themselves by putting other people down.
Neither, I think it would be letting my kid go to a public school.
Neither. Some people can't afford to take their kids ANYWHERE
Neither. If I want to shop at Walmart to save a few bucks on diaper and shampoo----I wil do it.

If I want to stop at a burger joint for a salad and a soda---I will do it.


You sound like a snob
shopping at walmart is BAD
Neither, I enjoy doing them both actually.
Neither one is embarrassing. Why should they be? I love shopping at Walmart, their stuff is affordable and very nice. Going to BurgerKing, Wendys and McDonalds is also okay, but only once in a while. It is definitely not embarrassing.Neither question is embarrassing.
I don't feel either one should be embarrassing The children are a big part of us.They need food, clothing and prospect of good things too.
eating burgers out of the dumpster at wal-mart
i would never take my daughter to eat fast food!

and as far as Wal-Mart goes... i don't have a choice, i live in a small city and all we have is a super wal-mart. i don't like it, but what can i say, it's a monopoly and i gotta buy groceries somewhere!
Most embarassing would be eating at the burger joint in Wal-mart!
Why would either be embarrassing? I shop at WalMart sometimes and I also eat a burger joints, although I don't have kids.
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