Monday, February 13, 2012

Why is "In-N-Out top rated burger in the country?

according to this article. I don't understand. only 4 states have this restaurant and in those 4 states only in a few areas. I LOVE in n out but I don't understand how it even got into the article鈥?/a>Why is "In-N-Out top rated burger in the country?
It's just a poll of their 28 000 readers; not a poll of a representative sample from across the country. Their readers rate the burgers from each place out of 10. I guess that people just gave in'n'out higher ratings than other burgers. I have never eaten at most of the places on that list, but when I think of the best burgers I can get, it's not usually from a chain. Local burgers mmm.Why is "In-N-Out top rated burger in the country?
i think in-n-out used o be all over the country a long time ago when they first ever came out and as the years passed many states took them out because of the competition with Mc Donald's and Carl's Jr. and probably figured that they were no match for those big chains, but in-n-out is very good and they may have made the list because of their great deals and hidden menu items such as animal fries.Why is "In-N-Out top rated burger in the country?
the magazine ran a poll to get the answer
It's not in my book the best Burger is a western from Carl's jr.!!

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