Monday, February 13, 2012

Do White Americans have ethnic food native to them?

Not to be racist or anything but all I can think of is burgers, hot dogs, pork shops, mash potatoes, meat loaf, soda, and desserts. I mean Mexicans have Mexican food, Black people have soul food, Italians have Italian food, Chinese have Chinese food, and so on.Do White Americans have ethnic food native to them?
"White Americans" are actually a mixture of many groups of people. For example, Norwegian-Americans have lutefiske. Germans-American have sauerkraut. And so on.

Are you talking about British-Americans, specifically, when you say "White." You're looking at beef, pork, potatoes, peas, etc.

"It's as American as apple pie." Except that apple pie is just a derivation of apple-based tarts from other cultures (like French and German).
Twinkies are native to White America.


Like Jay said, White people in America are originally from British, Irish, German... the foods they were familiar with before arriving to America is what they made after they came to America. I think Corn and Turkey may be original foods that originated in America.Do White Americans have ethnic food native to them?
Don't forget macaroni. Macaroni and chesse is an American dish. Also, macaroni salad. And apple pie.. Mmm :) Also, all the food that is in Thanksgiving, lol. You know the chinese fortune cookie is actually from the U.S? It was made in California. Barbeques on July 4th and picnics at the park are usually popular over there. The USA is young yet, so they have an excuse to not have that many food dishes of their own.
White Americans do have some ethnic food which is derived from Western Europe.Do White Americans have ethnic food native to them?
"White" American food is so mainstream that it's avaliable all around the word.

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