Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to delete a desktop icon.?

I downloaded Burger Shop 2, and then I tried un-installing it while it was still running, and now every time I try to delete it it says, it cannot find the item! I even tried cutting it, it didn't work!! Help!How to delete a desktop icon.?
Restart computer. it is glitching and showing you the icon when it isn't really there, after a restart it should be gone. If not, delete it through the command prompt.
It did uninstall but not all the way. As for desktop icons, those aren't really the game. Those are just ways for you to reach the game faster. Deleting a desktop icon (Select it and press Shift+Del) will not delete the game. Try uninstalling the game with the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and if that doesnt help, find the game, probably in Program Files and Shift+Delete it there even though that's not a good idea :)How to delete a desktop icon.?
You can simply restore ur system to a time before u downloaded Burger shop2.

go to start%26gt; all programs%26gt; accessories%26gt; system tools%26gt; system restore

Then choose the option "restore my computer to earlier time" and follow the instructions and chose the date before u download Burger shop2, then complete the steps and restart ur computer when it asked u to do so and there u can get ur system back as it used to be

Hope it works
u cant do it that way go to you're control panel go ot add or remove programs and go to that game and click deleteHow to delete a desktop icon.?
drag and drop into the recycle bin or go to my computer and press the up button and go to to the sorce of the desktop and try it
You selected with the mouse and then push this buttons shift + delete and if you want to be in you're recycle bin just push delete ,

shift + delete will delete everything on you're computer forever.
put it in the trash bin. A window should pop up saying that it's not permanently deleted.

If your on a pc then go to the control panel - add or remove programs and get rid of it forever.

Hope this helps
Left Click on it and hold down the left button and go down to delete and right click.


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left click%26gt;delete
you put it in the recycling bin

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