Friday, February 10, 2012

McDonalds, K.F.C., Subway, Burger King, Chinese or Other?

I am creating a list, and I want to find out where people like buying their takeaways at. Is it:

1. McDonalds

2. K.F.C.

3. Subway

4. Burger King.

5. Chinese takeaway shops

6. Other

Write what is your favourite takeaway shop when posting.

ThanksMcDonalds, K.F.C., Subway, Burger King, Chinese or Other?

Defiantly Subway... they have the option to get high in fat and calorie scrumptious food... Or something light and healthy. Great for a family that wants variety and not usually as busy as the other joints. (Food seems to be a bit more worth the money too). Good Luck with your list!


OH! and a plus is that you WATCH them make your food and can stop them if they begin to do it wrong!McDonalds, K.F.C., Subway, Burger King, Chinese or Other?
1) From McDs - Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Coffee

2) Do not go there enough to comment on a personal favorite

3) Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki and Veggie Delite Subs

4) Don't eat there - don't like the way they prepare their burgers

5) We get a variety of Chinese take out - House Fried Rice, Shrimp Lo Mein, Veggie Egg Rolls, BBQ Pork (Local restaurant)

6) Papa Murphy's - Chicago Stuffed Pizza

7) Taco Bell - Fresco Menu items like Tacos

My favorite take out restaurant is Subway!
I avoid Burger King...I never seem to get good service, and they always screw up my order.

Here's the order I prefer them in

1. Chinese

2. McDonalds

3. KFC

4. Subway

5. other (like Jack in the Box, Charley's, Sonic, or Long John Silvers)

6. Burger KingMcDonalds, K.F.C., Subway, Burger King, Chinese or Other?
other- wendys duhh they have like the BEST chicken nuggets!!!

then i would go with mcdonalds cuz of they're fries :) then subway then kfc then lee ann chin for the chinese takeaway shops then last is burgerking .
Cheese steak if in philly, pizza in ny, whataburger in texas. But from your list chinese
SUBWAAAY! Everything else makes me wanna throw up, except some Chinese food.
Usually either McDonalds or Quiznos
5. Chinese takeaway

There's a place near us called Ted's Chinese TakeAway(believe it or not he is of Chinese decent)
I would say other it would have to be Subway personally i love them crab sandwiches
Other- Sonic!!! Slushies,burgers,Malts,Chili Dogs and much much more!!!

boneless buffalo wings, or twister wrapped dipped in buffalo.. best thing ever!
They are all good in their own rights but Subway gets my vote for now.
6. Other - Wendy's
BK!!! All Day!!!
Chinese fer sure
3. subway

because its HEALTHY, not greasy and you can choose what you want and it tastes awesome mm
6. Other.

My local Fish 'n Chip Shop.

then KFC...
KFC by a mile
out of those, subway
Taco Bell

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