Monday, February 20, 2012

Strange smell from certain foods?

This is kind of freaking me out.

I went to buy some cheesy chips with salt, cheese (obviously) and ketchup from my fav burger shop yesterday lunchtime and when I went to tuck in I noticed this really offputting smell. I didnt know if it was the polystyery box they came in or the fork or some part of the food but they tasted fine... well what I ate of it because I threw most of it away because the smell was so poigniant.

Then later on in the evening ate a burger round my parents house. I had washed my hands and happened to have used some antibacterial hand gel just before, but the exact same smell hit me again while had the burger up close to my face about to take a bite. It put me off so I didnt enjoy that either :/

Then AGAIN just a few hours ago I bought a pack of worcester sauce Walkers crisps from the shop and they (either the packet of the crisps) had the EXACT SAME weird smell (along with the ordinary smell of those crisps which is strong anyway!).

The smell is like a cleaning fluid maybe bleach or surface spray i dont know its hard to describe, but not a smell you would associate with food anyway and really really offputting and exactly the same every time.Strange smell from certain foods?
you seem to be ill. sometimes your nose plays tricks on you, what you smell isnt really there. you may be perceiving the smell yourself when the food is not actually bad. i think its smth ur brain does. our brains are smart and when we're sick, there are certain measures taken which inhibits our intake of certain foods. one eg is when ure down with a cough, you dislike eating sweet stuff (to me at least). maybe your brain wants you to not eat a certain thing common in all the foods you described so your brain makes that thing smell bad so you wont eat it.

my suggestion is to ask if other people find the same food that you find smelly too.

in any case, seek your doctor. what if theres really smth wrong with the food you ate.

people here cant help much except give their own views (which may be wrong).

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